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Hello & Welcome to Knitwits Heaven. 

    All orders are filled VIA EMAIL ONLY within 24hrs of order being placed. If you do not receive your patterns within 48hrs email us right away! Do not hesitate to inquire about your order. 

Before placing your order we would like to make a few helpful suggestions to ensure a happy shopping experience with us! 

Money Order information: We cannot accept Money Grams, international or otherwise, they will be returned upon receipt, and patterns will not be sent. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we are unable to cash these at our banks or our local postal outlets. Money orders from outside of Canada MUST be International POSTAL Money orders ONLY. No exceptions. 


1) Please put knitwits_heaven@yahoo.com in your address book, to ensure delivery of your patterns. That way they won't get sent to your bulk/junk folder.

2) Orders received through Pay Pal will be sent to the address supplied by Pay Pal. If you wish to receive patterns at a different email address please send us an email prior to ordering, so we can get them sent to the right address the first time.

3) Patterns are in sent PDF format (PDF files open in a PDF Reader program) via email only.

4) Credit card orders through Pay Pal don't require a Pay Pal account. Simply click the buttons for your pattern selections and once you proceed to the checkout choose pay by credit card.

We are constantly improving our service so if you have any helpful tips be sure to let us know. 

Thank you,

Lisa & Alli

Ordering Information

Pay by Pay Pal, receive by e-mail:

To purchase any of our patterns just click the "add to cart" buttons for each pattern. After placing an order through Pay Pal, shipment of pattern (s) will not be immediate. Once we receive e-mail notification of payment, patterns will be sent asap. We try to send patterns out as quickly as possible, so your wait won't be too long. Sometimes orders come in late and are not received until the next day. If you have any questions about your order please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail.

Pay by Money Order receive by e-mail:

To purchase patterns and pay by money order you can send us an e-mail to get total of order. We will provide all the details you need to send out your money order. Patterns will be sent upon receiving money order. Money orders from outside Canada MUST be an International POSTAL money only.