Pat's Crocheted Scrubbie

By Pat Linn, Saskatchewan, Canada

One crochet hook (I used 5.50)
Nylon netting cut into 2 inch strips about 8 to12 strips of 72 inches ea. (Approx. 60 feet)
This netting can be purchased by the yard at any fabric or dept. store that carries crafts/fabric.
Strips may be joined by creating a slipknot. Fold the end of a strip over 1" and cut a 1/2" slit across the fold. Repeat for the second strip. Lay strips one on top of the other running in opposite directions so that the cut ends overlap and the slits line up. Insert the uncut end of the bottom strip through the slits in both strips and pull through. Pull on both strips to tighten the knot, but don't pull too hard, as this will tear the nylon. With strips together, wind netting "yarn" into ball. (Roll or twist netting strip as to make a yarn)

Row 1) Chain 4
Join with slipstitch to form circle
Row 2.) Chain 4
Do 11 double crochet into circle
Join with slipstitch
Row 3.) Chain 4
Do 2 - double crochet into each previous row DC space
Join with slipstitch
Row 4.) Chain 4
Do 1 - DC in each previous row DC space
Join with slipstitch
Row 5.) Single crochet around tightly in each DC space
Now work in rounds, do not join at the end of each round,
simply work the next stitch of the next round as indicated.
Round 6.) Single crochet around in each SC space
Round 7.) SC around in every OTHER - SC space
Round 8, 9.) Alternate 6 & 7 until circle is closed
Tuck in remainder of net strip into centre of scrubby

Fill centre of scrubby with lengths of netting to your likeness of thickness

This creative pattern was submitted to us by Pat Linn, please directed all questions and comments to: Pat Linn